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My Name is Shay Green and I am a single 38 yr. old living in Houston, TX. I am currently one of the many Suggested Users and Top 10% Seller of a wonderful site caled Poshmark.  I am new to blogging so be kind, participate and let me know what you would like to see next. Thanks!~Shay

By Shay Green, Apr 2 2017 08:26PM

Planning an 80th birthday party on a show string budget wasn't the easiest thing my aunt and I ever did but in the end, using our combined love of D.I.Y and outside the box money saving thinking, we did it. My contribution, along with designing the invitations and helping the design my grandmothers cake as well, was the center pieces. It was my goal to have the center pieces serve a dual purpose. They would decorate the table and once the party was over, they could ALSO be used as a take away gift from the party. Below are my results and how this was achieved. Each jar cost about $2.25 to make when calculating all materials including the optional ones mentioned in this blog.

I choose a "rose gold" theme for my jars which included pearl pink jars and a copper rose gold combination. I planned on having three jars per table, one with a glitter bottom, one in the copper color and the last in all pearl pink.

Materials Used

Rust-Oleum 301537 Universal All Surface Spray Paint 11 Oz, Pearl Metallic Champagne Pink Mist

Rust-Oleum 1937830 Metallic Spray, Copper, 11-Ounce

Sand Paper (any grade)

Optional Items if You Plan to Glitter Jars

Rust-Oleum 249117 Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Clear

Glitter, Painters Tape, Elmers Glue & Brushes

Easy DIY Steps:

-Spray Jars, one coat at a time (turn them upside down and spray in a well ventilated area such as an open garage or front or back porch. On windy days, i found that doing the project in my garage was the best bet or the jars can easily top over before they are dry. If you are trying to mix colors like I end up doing with my rose gold copper ones, consider spraying the jar the copper first and then lightly going over it with the rose. I achieved my results but spraying the pearl pink jars near the dried copper ones which gave it a "mist" of pink on top and made it even more rose gold then it was with just the copper finish. It was an accident but it gave me my desired results.

-Allow Jars to Dry, I was able to spray all the jars (about 3-4 at a time) in one setting and then come back for touch ups however most people recommend spraying a thin coat, allowing that to try for about an hour and then spraying another. The Pearl Pink is a nice translucent color and I did not need it to be heavy and the copper is heavy enough for one coat and that's it.

-Sandpaper to Distress each jar. I used sandpaper to give the jars a worn look on the back, front and sides. You may to NOT do this with the copper color as I think it looks best without this step. The same goes for the sealer (its an option you may choose not to do with the copper).

-Seal Jars if you plan on handling the jars a lot or moving them in bulks to another location using a spray made to seal paint like the one mentioned above. Note that the sealer can make some colors foggy such as the metallics. That was ok for my project because i was trying to achieve a nice soft rose gold but the metallic copper jars actually looked nicer without the sealer. Sealer is a MUST however if you plan to glitter the jars.

*tips if you plan to glitter the bottom of your jars (or even the entire thing), make sure they are 100% dry by allowing them to dry overnight, use painters tape to section off what you plan to glitter if needed, paint on elmers glue using a sponge bush (no need to mod podge), remove the painters tape before it drys, dust off excess glitter from jars, allow project to dry for several hours and THEN seal it last.


By Shay Green, Jan 16 2017 01:16AM

Create a basic flat layout for your poshmark and instagram covershot. This video gives you the basic tools to create a covershot that can help with your sales and the look and feel of your poshmark closet. You can use these same photos to create a branded instagram that's both engaging and pleasant to the eyes.

New to Poshmark? View my ABC News Interview "How to Make Money Using the Poshmark App":

My Closet-

My Blog-

Basic Steps Found in 1st Video

1.Gather Your Materials and Clothing

2.Lay Them Our Nicely on A Large White Project Board ($5 at Hobby Lobby) 40x32inchs & FLAT

3.Use Natural Lighting (I Sit in Front of My Windows)

4.Highlight Your Main Item in Photo by Centering it (You Can Also Center it Using an App)

5. Use Your Own Camera to Take Pics and Not the Poshmark or IG One. (This Way You Can Use Your Apps to Edit)

6.Take Several Photos from Different Angles & Positions

Watch Video for Apps Used Above or @ (

PhotoGrid For Positioning Items in the Perfect Posh & Instagram Square Shape

Camera 360 for All Color Corrections

New to Poshmark?

Download the #poshmarkapp using code BESZD for a credit on me:)

By Shay Green, Dec 15 2016 08:34AM

5 Ways to Increase Your Closet Inventory & Sales on Poshmark (Also Works for Ebay or any other Seller Platform)

Keeping with my LIST THEME from last month, here are tips that really helped me step up my "Poshmark Game" when my personal closet inventory started to get low. Not only did my closet double in inventory this year by doing the things mentioned below but sales did as well. You will already be doing a few of these but I think one or two might surprise you. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comment section at the very bottom to let me know if you found anything here helpful. It helps me when creating content for this new blog.

Tip #1 Sell Your Own Clothing Out of Your Real Closet. This one is a no brainier and also what Poshmark has based its platform and social network app on. Its time to go through your closet and sell any items that you have over 2 years old. Throw in those dress and gowns (a lot of mine have popped up on social networks recently and get rave reviews from friends and family) so I already KNOW I will only be wearing them once, no more than 2x's. Also, don't forget shoes and even items from your husband's and or kids closet while you are at it. This can really help you increase your inventory easy and fast! Test out which items work best for you. If you are trying to really brand your closet, think of just started out with a Ladies or Male focused closet first. Selling from your own closet is one of the best and fastest ways to gain experience using the poshmark app and also allows you to start your inventory stash.

Tip #2 Stock up on clothing and accessories during big sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This tip is one that I recently discovered. I think people that purchase clothing on sale automatically think that the item they are purchasing is either going out of stock, style or season. However, during these special sale times, companies actually place NEW inventory on sale and allow you to purchase them at 50% or more off of the retail price. Not only do you get a great sale, but if you are smart, you can get a nice item that will go back to the original price right after the sale AND will still be up on the stores website. You will be able to wear what you have purchased and then, if you sell it right away (on Poshmark), you will actually be getting what you paid for your now worn item, right back.

My Purchase Example: Purchased dress during Black Friday for $71 with FREE shipping. Dress went right back to original price of $140 (no more free shipping) after sale. Placed dress on PM and it sold for $50. PM removes its 20% fee and I make $40. So in reality, a $140 dress only cost me $31 in the end after I resold it:)

Tip #3 Purchase Wholesale and Start Selling Boutique Items. Many sellers on Poshmark have found their niche by opening up boutiques on PM with items purchased from wholesalers. Boutique items are generally new in packages (some have tags) and some are branded specifically for that posh seller with original labels and packaging . Seasoned buyers on Poshmark understand that boutique items often have a set price AND sellers can better predict there profits with closets that are set up as boutiques. Outlets, overstock and pallet buying (although less potential profit), are under this same umbrella. You can also pick up great NWT items by doing this type of shopping. One of the most important tips I can give you regarding wholesale shopping is to test out your product before selling it. You should be buying from more than one source to test quality, compare prices and even shipping time. Don't put all your eggs in one basket unless you have a SURE source. When in doubt, go back to the first tip above and grow your followers using items from your own closet.

Tip #4 Go Thrift and Resale Shopping for Unique Finds. I've heard mostly positive things about visiting thrift shops and if you are here in Texas with me, you are super lucky! Its my personal opinion that TEXAS has some of the best thrift shops around. Our items are color coordinated, often dry cleaned and hung in shops that resemble retail stores. Its hard to imagine having to go through nasty bins and pushy crowds just to get to a $5 top. I like to go thrift shopping for vintage items (which add a new layer to my closet) and sequin tops that give it an added sparkle. Thrift and resale shops also carry shoes, purses and dresses. I shop thrift stores an average of once a week. Some weeks, I go more than once and some weeks, I stay in. Thrift shopping is one of the best ways I have found to increase my closet inventory and also boost my overall profit.

Tip #5 Make Your Closet a Combination Closet. The is my FAVORITE way of increasing my own closet. Although the percentages will change often, try having a little bit of everything suggested above in your closet. It may take you time to get to this step (took me 2 years), however my combination closet of my own clothing, my mothers, donated items from friends and family, vintage thrift items, overstock and wholesale items are all in my inventory RIGHT now. I have found that if I find an outrageously awesomely priced item for resale, I am more willing to reduce the cost of something I paid a lot for and was hesitant to let go for under a certain amount.

My Closet Example: Mom's Cache dress was $280 retail. She wore it twice but it was still in like new condition and dry cleaned. I placed the dress on Poshmark and asked for $75 and this dress was absolutely worth this amount and more. Dress sat on Poshmark for a year:( Later, I went thrift shopping and came across a really cute black bustle dress in a style I knew one of returning customers loved. It was only $2!!! It was in excellent like new condition so I purchased it right away. I added my thrifted dress to Poshmark and it sold super fast at a $25 price point that customer. My final profit after posh fees was about $20 from a $2 dress. Amazing profit (That's like a 1000% profit???) or maybe not, my internal calculator isn't working right now, but you get my point. With this profit in mind, I felt more inclined to lower the price of mom's cache dress and it sold promptly at a $50 rate, which is about $20 less than I really wanted it to but I was ok with that because I just made that EXACT same amount on my thrift store find.

I hope that example above shows you how you will be way more inclined to sale your more expensive items at reduced rates when you have a combination closet. By following this tip, you can better balance out prices with items you sale in any online forum. That's my personal secret to keeping my prices low in my Poshmark Closet. A lot of my items are WAY under-priced, but I'm ok with that because I've created a "smart closet" that still profits even when I loose on an item or break even on something I purchased from an overstock. This trick also works well when you add less expensive wholesale items such as jewelry. These items are cheaper to manufacture, purchase AND ship, so your profit can really increase by adding them to your closet. Try that and let me know if it works for you. I hope you found something useful is this months post. Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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