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Country Chic DIY Center Piece

By Shay Green, Apr 2 2017 08:26PM

Planning an 80th birthday party on a show string budget wasn't the easiest thing my aunt and I ever did but in the end, using our combined love of D.I.Y and outside the box money saving thinking, we did it. My contribution, along with designing the invitations and helping the design my grandmothers cake as well, was the center pieces. It was my goal to have the center pieces serve a dual purpose. They would decorate the table and once the party was over, they could ALSO be used as a take away gift from the party. Below are my results and how this was achieved. Each jar cost about $2.25 to make when calculating all materials including the optional ones mentioned in this blog.

I choose a "rose gold" theme for my jars which included pearl pink jars and a copper rose gold combination. I planned on having three jars per table, one with a glitter bottom, one in the copper color and the last in all pearl pink.

Materials Used

Rust-Oleum 301537 Universal All Surface Spray Paint 11 Oz, Pearl Metallic Champagne Pink Mist

Rust-Oleum 1937830 Metallic Spray, Copper, 11-Ounce

Sand Paper (any grade)

Optional Items if You Plan to Glitter Jars

Rust-Oleum 249117 Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Clear

Glitter, Painters Tape, Elmers Glue & Brushes

Easy DIY Steps:

-Spray Jars, one coat at a time (turn them upside down and spray in a well ventilated area such as an open garage or front or back porch. On windy days, i found that doing the project in my garage was the best bet or the jars can easily top over before they are dry. If you are trying to mix colors like I end up doing with my rose gold copper ones, consider spraying the jar the copper first and then lightly going over it with the rose. I achieved my results but spraying the pearl pink jars near the dried copper ones which gave it a "mist" of pink on top and made it even more rose gold then it was with just the copper finish. It was an accident but it gave me my desired results.

-Allow Jars to Dry, I was able to spray all the jars (about 3-4 at a time) in one setting and then come back for touch ups however most people recommend spraying a thin coat, allowing that to try for about an hour and then spraying another. The Pearl Pink is a nice translucent color and I did not need it to be heavy and the copper is heavy enough for one coat and that's it.

-Sandpaper to Distress each jar. I used sandpaper to give the jars a worn look on the back, front and sides. You may to NOT do this with the copper color as I think it looks best without this step. The same goes for the sealer (its an option you may choose not to do with the copper).

-Seal Jars if you plan on handling the jars a lot or moving them in bulks to another location using a spray made to seal paint like the one mentioned above. Note that the sealer can make some colors foggy such as the metallics. That was ok for my project because i was trying to achieve a nice soft rose gold but the metallic copper jars actually looked nicer without the sealer. Sealer is a MUST however if you plan to glitter the jars.

*tips if you plan to glitter the bottom of your jars (or even the entire thing), make sure they are 100% dry by allowing them to dry overnight, use painters tape to section off what you plan to glitter if needed, paint on elmers glue using a sponge bush (no need to mod podge), remove the painters tape before it drys, dust off excess glitter from jars, allow project to dry for several hours and THEN seal it last.

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