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My Name is Shay Green and I am a single 38 yr. old living in Houston, TX. I am currently one of the many Suggested Users and Top 10% Seller of a wonderful site caled Poshmark.  I am new to blogging so be kind, participate and let me know what you would like to see next. Thanks!~Shay

By Shay Green, Jan 16 2017 01:16AM

Create a basic flat layout for your poshmark and instagram covershot. This video gives you the basic tools to create a covershot that can help with your sales and the look and feel of your poshmark closet. You can use these same photos to create a branded instagram that's both engaging and pleasant to the eyes.

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Basic Steps Found in 1st Video

1.Gather Your Materials and Clothing

2.Lay Them Our Nicely on A Large White Project Board ($5 at Hobby Lobby) 40x32inchs & FLAT

3.Use Natural Lighting (I Sit in Front of My Windows)

4.Highlight Your Main Item in Photo by Centering it (You Can Also Center it Using an App)

5. Use Your Own Camera to Take Pics and Not the Poshmark or IG One. (This Way You Can Use Your Apps to Edit)

6.Take Several Photos from Different Angles & Positions

Watch Video for Apps Used Above or @ (

PhotoGrid For Positioning Items in the Perfect Posh & Instagram Square Shape

Camera 360 for All Color Corrections

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